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  1. In topicul:TR 125

    01 December 2023 - 10:16 PM

    * Un articol :-)
  2. In topicul:Tr 85

    29 July 2023 - 11:18 AM

  3. In topicul:TR 125

    29 July 2023 - 11:09 AM

    TR-125 , via facebook :-)
  4. In topicul:rachete si radare militare in Romania

    03 June 2023 - 12:24 PM

    *An/MPN mobile Ground-controlled approach radar
    [ ]
    *Schmetterling ghidaj infrarosu
    [ https://www.armedcon...tterling-t15729 ]
    *Wasserfall ghidaj radar
    [ ]
    ** Din cele 3 tehnologii mentionate mai sus a rezultat „SA-1 Guild”
    [ https://www.ausairpo...-Configs-A.html ]
    PS multe site-uri bine facute pe tematicile de mai sus vad ca au disparut
  5. In topicul:Marina romana

    02 June 2023 - 07:47 PM

    * sonar rusesc 1940
    No Soviet ship had sonar until 1941 and most of them did not receive any until the middle of the war.
    However, only 5% of the ships lost by the Soviet Navy were from submarine attacks and hence ASW efforts were not as important to the Soviet Navy as to other nations.
    ** spre sfarsitul razboiului rusii au pus mana pe sonare germane si japoneze [plus ceva nave italiene slabut dotate]
    [ The Japanese Type 3 Model 1 sonar first appeared in 1943 and was developed from the German S-Gerät sonar with German technical assistance.
    It used a magnetostrictive projector with two 14.5 kHz projects set at a 60 degree angle to each other and a separate 13.5 kHz projector with independent control and reception.]
    *** Primul sonar rusesc "adevarat" a fost construit in 1950 si dota "Kronshtadt-class submarine chaser"
    Se numea "Tamir-9" or "Tamir-10" or "Tamir-11" si era "hull mounted high frequency active sonar "
    [" In fact, we were even more versed in German hydroacoustics than our allies: our Mars sound direction finders were brothers of the German GHGs,and the Tamir sonars were German S-Gerat "]
    [ ]
    **** China a folosit sonare rusesti pina a avut aces la tehnologie franceza !
    [ http://www.indiandef...-sonar-systems/ ]
    PS 1 Stag Hoof [Tamir-5N/NS] , Stag Horn [Tamir-10] , Stag Ear [Tamir-11/11M] ,[ clonele chinezesti se numeau SJD-5]
    PS 2 * Pe submarinele NMS Delfinul , Rechinul cred ca existau doar " Piezoelectric hydrophones " folosite si in primul razboi mondial .
    Poate dupa 1942 cu ajutor german sa fi instalat GHG (Gruppenhorchgerät) respectiv KDB (Kristallbasisgerät), nu am gasit pe undeva referire clara la subiect ...
    "The sonar systems used by German submarines, including the Type VIIs, were divided into three groups..ptr cautare extinsa "
    PS 3 Primul sonar construit in SUA dupa razboi se numea "Sonar Set AN/SQS-4"... initial sau pazat pe ASDIC primit din UK
    [ ]



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